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DFO Card Maker

ReverseAsura, Apr 25, 11 9:21 PM.
Here's the link below.

It appears in the format of the recent enchanter profession cards.

I'M BAAACK!! (Nero's Return and homework assignment for the weekend

grayraiden20, Apr 25, 11 9:21 PM.
Hey Guildies,

I have been out of commission from DFO for the past two days. There was a big storm that hit where I live and it knocked out my building's Wi-Fi and only today is it finally working so I will be on later tonight and this weekend and I have an assignment for all members: Think of a theme song of sorts for the guild. It has to be aggreed upon everyone and the lyrics have to envolve a army of many fighting together and overcoming the odds.

Guild Event

Kaitenshou, Apr 16, 11 1:39 PM.

This is a guild event I was able to participate on one of my previous guilds I will run today and tomorrow and all winners will be decided by monday

General Rules and Conditions:

The Dungeons you will run are decided by me
You will be escorting a Host and they will be supervising your run.
The Host may not damage or kill any monsters, but is allowed to buff the participant
If you die, you are limited to only 1 token for revival. After they are used. If you die again, the dungeon run is a failure.
If the Host dies, the dungeon run is a failure. Host will act like an NPC.
If random hell opens, host has option to activate it or skip it, but same rules apply if you get killed in the process run will become a failure.
(TL;DR: Run and hide while Host is killing the Hell Boss.)

Hosts / Supervisors Rules, Conditions, and Prizes:

Sky Tower, Behemoth, Storm Pass Dungeons (no ancients dgs no skasa either)
All maps will be kings road
ss rank or higher
1 token limit
Timed (ill run with my chars to set a timetable)
Depending on lvl the Dungeon will change ie lvl 28 wont go to 2nd spine and a lvl 55 wont go to Castellan's Chamber

1st place - 1 random avatar corresponding to your class (type to your picking) and 500k. No rares or anything fancy
2nd place - 350k
3rd place - 250k
4th place - 100k
5th to 10th place (if applicable) - 50k

In other words all you have to do is participate

If other Officers would like to donate/become hosts as well feel free to edit or add or even make your own "event" also will take any donations to increase prize pool

Events for the first Golden Goblin weekend!!!

grayraiden20, Apr 16, 11 1:39 PM.
Hello Guildies,

Officer Nero here and as all of you are aware, this weekend is the first weekend for the hunt of the golden goblin. Myself along with Ise, Rakdus, Suni and the others will be online at different parts of the day. During the actual event time, if we can get some guild members on some runs, I will record them and put them on my own personal youtube channel. I highly encourage all members to take advantage of this.

See all of u on DFO,

The Next Act of DFO

grayraiden20, Apr 12, 11 6:35 PM.
hey there,
Guild Officer Nero here and I have an announcement about the future changes to Dungeon Fighter Online.

In this preview, i think the biggest thing in this update is not about the ways guilds will be handled, its the lighter client download and how the lag issue is addressed.

This wont take effect till Wedensday though.

dont forget to help the guild grow invite people, interact with us and if possible give ideas or make a video for the youtube channel.

I am on a good chunk of time so when u see my character dont be afraid to say hi
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